How to start bodybuilding workouts to get desired results

Are you a starter in the bodybuilding program? Do you want to work your way upwards fast and become a heavy-weight lifter? Here are some important tips on how to start bodybuilding workouts.

How to start bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a gradual process that involves building up of muscles over time. As a beginner, you should not expect a lot of improvements in a short time. Instead, you should practice patience and work out your muscles consistently as you keenly observe and stick to your proper diet.

· Stick to free weights.

Despite most modern gyms being fully equipped with shiny and fancy machines, they may not be the right choice to help you build masses of muscles. It is essential for beginners to utilize dumbbells and barbells to build their muscles. They are recommended due to their lightweight that will enable your muscles get used to constant lifting of objects, before shifting to heavy machines.

· Perform compound movements.

Stick to the basic and simple steps, bearing in mind you are just a beginner. You wouldn’t want to have muscle sprains by trying some complex movements you find in websites and fitness magazines. The simple exercises to start with include squats, barbell bench press, military shoulder press and the deadlift.

· Plan out a schedule and stick to it.

Come up with a routine workout that you will follow closely. You can consult an advanced bodybuilder or your personal trainer to assist you in creating a program that entails your specific exercises, number of sets and reps per set. The schedule ensures you have a different thing to do each day you visit the gym.

· Take breaks in your training.

As a beginner, you only require to start with 3 to 4 workouts per week. The rest of the days should be used to relax and regain your lost energy.

· Train each muscle group every week.

Ensure you exercise every group of muscles at least once per week. This is to avoid too many or too little days in the gym that may not be expected.

· Gradually increase the weights.

Once you master how to do each form of exercise, you can start increasing the weight levels. This gradually enhances your strength and eventually leads to gaining muscles.

· Take caution

When you reach to the point of lifting heavy weights, put on a safety belt to protect your lower back from future back complications. Learn how to strengthen your core muscle from this interesting article on

· Take the right diet.

Take lots of proteins which are essential for muscle repair. Protein-rich foods that are lean such as tuna, lean beef, chicken and fatless milk are most preferred. Avoid taking junks and sugary foods as they only increase calories in your body.

· Take your calorie counts

Muscle building requires you to take in more calories than you burn. Find out your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) using a calorie calculator and adjust accordingly, depending on your rate of activities.

· Eat more often

Avoid getting hungry by taking 4-5 meals per day, at intervals of 3-4 hours.

Healthy eating for buildnig muscle

· Take lots of fruits and vegetables.

Your body requires micro nutrients- minerals and vitamins- to supplement the macronutrients. Aspire to consume lots of vegetables and fruits to essential minerals and vitamins.

· Get enough sleep.

Muscles build up when an individual is asleep. Thus, aspire to get enough sleep (8-9 hours) as you rest and regain your lost energy.

· Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid too much alcohol, smoking and other vices that would disorient you exercise or even your dieting schedules.

Following the above simple guidelines will ensure you exercise perfectly and become an experienced heavy-weight bodybuilder in a short time.…