Various factors causing gynecomastia and their hormonal connection

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Gynecomastia is the case of unusual male breast growth. It mostly occurs due to imbalances in hormonal levels. Estrogens are the female hormones. When the estrogen level in males grows in comparison with androgen, which is the male hormone, the symptoms like gynecomastia occur. The symptoms of gynecomastia in general appear during puberty state of boys.

In most occasions, the growth disappears of its own in a couple of years. However, the growth pattern stays in some other cases, which is termed as gynecomastia. Though it doesn’t cause any kind of pain in general, some boys get affected psychologically for it. Otherwise, it is free of danger in most occasions.

Understanding it from hormonal imbalance aspects:

Both androgen and Estrogen are present in all humans. Females possess a comparatively greater count of estrogen, in comparison to androgen. Similarly, the androgen count is more among the males. During the puberty stage, the hormonal imbalance occurs and thus causes the rise in estrogen and androgen levels. At this state, in some males, the estrogen count becomes higher. At the early state or during puberty, a male with gynecomastia is no different from the others. Gynecomastia can be distinguished only when the grown breast size remains even after a couple of years. It also has paternal links.

If the symptom remains, it needs to be confirmed whether a case of Gynecomastia or lipomastia is. Lipomastia is the case of excessive fat deposition around male breast due to obesity. Only after the specific case is identified, the requisite treatment is taken. Normal diet based treatments and physical exercises can heal lipomastia in many occasions. In most cases, people don’t require treatment for gynecomastia as well.

The gynecomastia symptoms appearing due to momentary changes in hormonal level often disappears of its own. In some cases the symptom disappears only within six months. Otherwise, it disappears within two years in most cases. Only in very few cases, it leads to gynecomastia and the grown size remains as it is. This is when it should be understood as the pubertal gynecomastia.

Other associated factors:

Apart from hormonal changes, there are various other reasons associated with gynecomastia as well. Malnutrition is one of such prominent reasons. Hormonal imbalance caused due to malnutrition is one of the foremost reasons behind gynecomastia. Drug addiction has been also found to be one of the reasons behind gynecomastia among older men.

Liver failure caused due to drugs usage is also one of the factors behind gynecommastia symptom among men at the older days. Liver cirrhosis in many cases has been found to be a reason behind the altered level of hormone leading to gynecomastia. Liver cirrhosis mediated gynecomastia is permanent in most occasions. Similarly, gynecomastia caused due to kidney failure is also enduring in nature.

Issues with testicles in case of males may also be a reason behind the gynecomastia symptoms. Such disorders causing reduced testosterone production often lead to gynecomastia. In most occassions these (lower testosterone) are genetic. Some people find gynecomastia with aging as well.…

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