Characteristic of smart juicer for a smart kitchen

With enhancing lifestyle, the standard of kitchens has also evolved. Modern day kitchens are thus called the smart kitchens. A smart kitchen is supposed to have the smartest piece of equipment. Kitchen equipment is technologically like juicers are much enhanced these days, in comparison to those of earlier days. In fact, Juicers are among the unavoidable equipment of modern day kitchen.

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Which juicer to go with?

While selecting a high-end juicer for your smart kitchen, make sure the company offers an adequate warranty on its motor. At least, one should expect 15 years of warranty on the motor of the device. One must be careful about the hardware as well. Juicers with the low-speed masticating system are considered the better performers.

Naturally, such systems should be given higher priority. It is recommended to go with the juicers with round shape feed chute for the best productivity. The endurance of the products like juicers is hugely dependent upon its construction.

On this context, it is suggested to go with the devices in which the auger and the juicing display are incredibly stronger. Days are gone for the conventional plastic juicing screen as the modern day equipment from top brands are way lot stronger. Moreover, these pieces of equipment are pretty much multipurpose.


It is also crucial to check the productivity and functionality of equipment prior spending on it. Advanced juicers in modern times can even prepare pasta, being equipped with customized equipment for the same. Needless is to say that these are way lot efficient when it comes to conventional aspects like crushing the coffee beans or extracting the nuts. It is important for the juicer to be mechanically enhanced.

To be specific, one should go with the devices with 2 HP gear reduction motor for greater level performance. Preference is being given these days for the double stage juicer that clocks at a greater speed. At least, it is expected for such devices to clock at the rate of 80 rpm. This speed is considered the best for limiting the air passage inside the juicer.

Safety, usability

Contemporary juicers come with high-end safety features as well. Juicers from renowned brands come with a native reverse arrangement to avoid blockage like issues. It also means that this equipment require minimal effort to be cleaned. This is the reason that this equipment is so much preferred for the extraction of juice from green vegetables.

Even the very leafy vegetables can be extracted without any blockage, at minimal effort. Juices once prepared can be stored in refrigerator for a minimum of 72 hours. The best part, such equipment is extremely user-friendly. At the same time, such equipment minimal effort to get cleaned.

Go with the dual stage juicers

One of the biggest advantages of going with the dual stage juicer is its greater productivity. Greater production is obvious as the fruits and vegetables can be extracted in the double stage. Things can be even interesting if these devices come equipped with high-end Ultem auger and strainer. Juicers with high-end Ultem auger and strainer are considered the best for consistent usage.

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