Regular Practice Is The Key To Long-Term Weight Loss

Nowadays the dieting is like a craze among the youngsters. People are choosing various programs to maintain a proper health and diet. Choosing these programs needs consistency and dedication for a longer period. Losing weight is not an easy task at least within a week.  According to several studies, it was observed that the citizens of the Singapore join in several weight loss programs, but they left it after seeing the result. The results were observed within few weeks of the training. Generally, it takes less time to lose the weight, but there are more chances that the person may gain weight in the upcoming days. Several surveys were done on this case, and finally, the reports show the fluctuations in the weights. The study’s results were true which shows that the people who consistently do the exercises for months, the results are effective and they lose their weight up to 12 to 14 kilogram within six months. As soon as they leave the practice, they again gain some weight and failed to maintain the routine.  The researchers have observed that, the citizens of the Singapore who lost four pounds of weight gains two pounds of weight in the next week.